100 Series 7" headlight installation instructions

Due to the age of these vehicles, additional adjustments may be needed for proper alignment. Headlights, valances and other supports are  sometimes inconsistent and need slight adjustments. It is recommended that the grille and headlights are all test fitted before paint or powder coating is applied. 

Step 1. Remove existing headlights and grille.

Step 2. Place headlight housing and begin the alignment process using washers as spacers (photo 4) 

Step 3. Position side marker following instructions in photo 3.

Step 4. Position grille and align. Factory grille will require holes drilled on the top 2 outer mount locations.


100 Series headlight installation

Photo 1


Photo 1: The bottom bolt attachment location will use the large washer (fender washer) with a lock washer.

Photo 2


Photo 2: The bottom bolt attachment location (same as photo 1) will use the large washer (fender washer) with a lock washer.

Photo 3


Photo 3: MAKE SURE SIDE MARKER IS IN THE CORRECT POSITION. Mark top hole location of side marker, drill hole and use bolt & nut or screw (your choice). The white plastic 1/4" spacer is used here between the housing and signal. The fastener that you use will pass through the spacer. It is possible that your spacer may need to only be 1/8"

Photo 4


Photo 4: Use bolt on the top mount location with small flat washer. The two medium sized washers are to be used as shims to adjust the headlight housing forward if needed. You might need more, as each vehicle could be different.

Photo 5


Photo 5 MAKE SURE SIDE MARKER IS IN THE CORRECT POSITION. Use the clip shown, you can use a bolt and nut instead if you prefer. once side marker is aligned, mark the hole location on the plastic tab of the side marker. Be accurate! Next, carefully drill hole through marker with a 9/32 drill bit. Insert tab and push in button. Be very careful anytime you remove the plastic clip, as the side marker is fragile.

Photo 6


If additional adjustments are needed for correct headlight projection beyond the limitations of the 3 Allen screws on the bracket, further adjustments can be made with the 8 nuts fastening the headlight bracket to the housing.