7" round headlight conversion

Available for the 80 and 100 Series Land Cruisers

These headlight conversions can use most 7" round bulbs. These are direct replacement using factory mount locations and factory turn signal housings. Built from 12 gauge laser cut steel, and all welded construction. 

Removable rock chip guards.

Designed to protect headlights during extended off road use only. Made from 12 gauge steel, and laser cut for a clean appearance. These are an easy bolt-on addition, and remove quickly.

Two versions will be offered for the 80 series

  1. Version 1: Headlight conversion using factory grille.
  2. Version 2: Headlight conversion using a custom designed grille (pictured to the left), eliminating the original design that wrapped around the headlight. 


Optional: electrical adapter that uses a factory connector. No cutting of factory wires will be necessary when using this adapter.