80 headlight/grille conversion instructions

Due to the age of these vehicles, additional adjustments may be needed for proper alignment. Headlights, valances and other supports are  sometimes inconsistent and need slight adjustments. It is recommended that the grille and headlights are all test fitted before paint or powder coating is applied. 

Step 1. remove all existing headlights and grille.

Step 2. Attach the headlights to grille following instructions from photo 3. Do not tighten bolts completely, as you will need to have them loose for adjustments.

Step 3. Set assembly into place and attach top grille bolts, follow instructions from photo 6.

Step 4. Begin alignment process of headlights, using washers as spacers as needed, and mentioned in photo 1, and photo 2.

Step 5. Position side marker and follow instructions from photo 4.

Step 6. Drill hole for lower grille mount, follow instructions in photo 5. 


If additional adjustments are needed for correct headlight projection beyond the limitations of the 3 Allen screws on the bracket, further adjustments can be made with the 8 nuts fastening the headlight bracket to the housing.


7" round headlight upgrade

Photo 1


Top outer mount location: Use the M6 molts included with washer. Additional washers will need to be used as shims behind the mount to adjust for the correct location. 

Photo 2


Lower mount location: Use large fender washer with M6 bolt. Thisa may also need washer used as spacers behind the mount.

Photo 3


Use a washer on both sides of slotted tab (as shown here) These are 14/20 threaded bolts, and are different from the M6 bolts that are used to attach to the vehicle.

Photo 4


Insert rubber grommet into hole. This location holds the lower side marker push-in mount. Sometimes a little wiggling of the signal helps to seat it completely. Once side marker is positioned correctly, a hole will need to be drilled for the top screw/bolt location (fastener is not included). 

Photo 5


This lower mount location on grille requires a hole to be drilled. Once the grille is bolted on using the top bolts, and everything is aligned properly, then mark the location where the hole needs to be drilled. Washers as spacers may need to be used here, however not likely.

Photo 6


Top grille mount: These 2 locations use the existing bolts on vehicle. Remove the horn bracket and horns. relocate one horn using the right side bolt hole from horn bracket and relocate the second horn to an accessible location within the reach of the horn wire.