Product description

Built from laser cut and welded 12 gauge steel, these are extremely strong heavy duty grilles, providing additional protection to vital areas of the vehicle. Frame strength and rigidity can support a variety of light options and external coolers.  Some Land Cruiser owners have reported lower coolant temps after installing the small hexagon grille. The weight of each grille is between 13 and 16 LBS. 

1 piece grille.

The 1 piece grille design does not have a removable front panel. The grille has a cleaner, more simple appearance.

2 piece grille.

For a more aggressive appearance, this grille version is designed with a removable front panel. Attached with stainless steel bolts and held off the frame with 1/8" spacers. This provides the option for a 2 tone color scheme. 

Air flow options

Large Hexagon # 1

Large Hexagon #2

Small hexagon



Diamond Mesh 1

Large Diamond mesh


Diamond Mesh 2

Small Diamond Mesh


Round holes

Diamond Mesh 3